Handmake your festive decor

04 December 2018

As promised, our Christmas gift to you... a new blog from award-winning blogger Cheryl Lumley. Cheryl has put together some really simple but effective handmade Christmas decorating ideas for us. So grab the doubled-sided tape and let's get festive!

The festive season is upon us once more, is it me or does it start earlier each year? I’m pretty sure I’ve just got back from my summer holiday a couple of weeks ago. However, it is in full swing, the shops are full of gift sets, our inboxes are full of festive offers and our diaries are jam-packed with office parties and get-togethers with friends.

It’s a magical time, but it’s also an expensive time. We can often feel the pressure to spend money on things we can’t afford and get into debt, all in the name of Christmas. Don’t panic though, there are ways you can save money and still enjoy every part of the festive season.

I really do believe we can all be creative and get crafty, sometimes we just need a little inspiration. I’ve pulled together five easy makes that you can create for your Christmas decor to save you money and make your home unique for the festivities. Give them a go, I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself at how easy they all are. It’s all about getting creative and taking your mind off the stresses and strains of daily life. If you really enjoy making them you can even give them as gifts. A handmade gift is so much more special I think.



Willow Star

You can combine this make with a lovely winter walk and collect some twigs along the way. You need five twigs of the same length, I used willow for this one and they are approx 60cm long but you can make any size you like, so long as all five twigs are the same length.

Position your star into shape to work out the best way it sits together, then use florist wire to secure each point, wrapping the wire in a cross shape. As you do each corner it will strengthen the shape. Secure each point and
the cross-over points in the middle too. Once it’s secure you can decorate with ribbon, wool, lights or even a few pom-poms. 

Handmade Willow Star



Fabric decorations

A great way to upcycle fabrics you might have in the house or can find in charity shops. Just a few easy steps and a bit of patience and you’ll have something truly unique. Draw your shape onto your fabric and cut out two identical shapes, making sure the two sides are facing out if the fabric isn’t double-sided. Using a simple blanket stitch in a contrasting thread, stitch around the outside leaving a small gap at the end for the filling. Stuff with wool or the fabric scraps you’ve cut off the shape leaving as little waste as possible. Finish with a hanging ribbon.

Handmade Fabric Decoration



Pom-pom wreath

This is a really therapuetic one that you can make over several nights in front of the tv. Make a few pom-poms each night either the good old-fashioned cardboard way, or you can treat yourself to the nifty little pom-pom makers you can buy really cheaply.

You’ll need around 40 for a wreath this size. Once you’ve got enough, bend your coathanger into a circle shape and tie each one onto the wire. Think about your colours as you go and how to make them work together. 

Handmade Pom Pom Wreath



Charity shop baubles

Dig around the Christmas box in the loft for some old baubles you don’t use anymore or find some in a charity shop and give them a whole new look with such a simple update. All you need for this is double-sided tape and some wool or coloured string. You can also use scraps of thin fabric and create a mini patchwork look cutting them into small shapes and overapping them using pva glue.

Handmade Baubles



Twig tree

While you’re out collecting twigs for your star, collect a few larger ones and make your own twig tree. Paint them with whatever paint you have left over in the shed, I used white emulsion, but you could use spray paint too. Arrange them in a large plant pot, decorate with lights and all of your new festive makes. You can even leave this one up all year, just replace the baubles with more fairy lights, you can never have evough fairy lights. 

Twig Christmas Tree

Get creative and crafty, saving money and the planet at the same time. Find more inspiration on my pinterest board.